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Wicked Burgers/Dragoon Cafe has been an ongoing process over the last 25 years for both Deb & Kenn, both separately & together. Food has been a central obsession for us and we've always been trying to combine our passion & livelihood that involved delicious foods. Not always successfully. But always beginning and ending with great tasting food!

For Kenn, in the mid 1980's, in Seattle, before Starbucks was Starbucks - an idea to sell gourmet espresso, coffees, teas & locally made desserts and homemade ice cream, was born. Unfortunately, Seattle wasn't quite ready for pricey gourmet coffee, yet - and as far as that great ice cream was concerned - well, 1 week after opening the cafe, Haagen Dazs started selling their pints in grocery stores! Ahead of our time, maybe...

Deb, in Chicago - decided to use her talents for cooking & baking by going to culinary school in Chicago. A while later, before they even knew each other, Deb opened her restaurant in Tucson (a few blocks from where Kenn lived), featuring homemade foods, eclectic veggie entrees & her fantastic desserts. Although receiving high marks from everyone that visited, running a full-service restaurant 7 days a week, requires a lot more than just great food (believe it or not!).

Anyhow, fast forward to the mid 2000's - we've moved from Tucson to a tiny town called Dragoon with a population of about 500! A beautiful place, but unless you're retired or independently wealthy - a tough place to make living... Well, seeing all the farms and Farmers' Markets in the area, we decided to grow fruits & veggies. Only 1 problem, despite lots of land we find out that most of the 'dirt' is something called 'caliche' (look it up). Not good for much except breaking your back & pick ax trying to dig in it! Ok, maybe we'll skip the fruit & veggies growing part & just buy wholesale from the local farmers & make great preserves, chutneys and other great sauces.

Good idea until we notice that the events & farmers' markets we go to have lots of produce and canned goods, but are lacking prepared foods. Ummm... Well, opening another restaurant is out, but perhaps a mobile commercial kitchen where we can come to you and make everything & anything seems like the right idea at the right time! And here we are - an 'overnight' success in only 25 years! UPDATE: Moved to Flagstaff, AZ 2019

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