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Dragoon Cafe has been an ongoing process over the last 25 years for both Deb & Kenn, both separately & together. Food has been a central obsession for us and we've always been trying to combine our passion & livelihood that involved delicious foods. Not always successfully. But always beginning and ending with great tasting food!

For Kenn, in the mid 1980's, in Seattle, before Starbucks was Starbucks - an idea to sell gourmet espresso, coffees, teas & locally made desserts and homemade ice cream, was born. Unfortunately, Seattle wasn't quite ready for pricey gourmet coffee, yet and as far as that great ice cream was concerned - well, 1 week after opening the cafe, Haagen Dazs started selling their pints in grocery stores! Ahead of our time, maybe...

Deb, in Chicago - decided to use her talents for cooking & baking by going to culinary school in Chicago. A while later, before they even knew each other, Deb opened her restaurant in Tucson (a few blocks from where Kenn lived), featuring homemade foods, eclectic veggie entrees & her fantastic desserts. Although receiving high marks from everyone that visited, running a full-service restaurant 7 days a week, requires a lot more than just great food (believe it or not!).

Anyhow, fast forward to the mid 2000's - we've moved from Tucson to a tiny town called Dragoon with a population of about 500! A beautiful place, but unless you're retired or independently wealthy - a tough place to make living... Well, seeing all the farms and Farmers' Markets in the area, we decided to grow fruits & veggies. Only 1 problem, despite lots of land we find out that most of the 'dirt' is something called 'caliche' (look it up). Not good for much except breaking your back & pick ax trying to dig in it! Ok, maybe we'll skip the fruit & veggies growing part & just buy wholesale from the local farmers & make great preserves, chutneys and other great sauces.

Good idea until we notice that the events & farmers' markets we go to have lots of produce and canned goods, but are lacking prepared foods. Ummm... Well, opening another restaurant is out, but perhaps a mobile commercial kitchen where we can come to you and make everything & anything seems like the right idea at the right time! And here we are - an 'overnight' success in only 25 years!

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  • "Having worked next to Kenn at Farmers' Markets in Tucson for years - I can tell you that every dish Deb creates is beyond incredible. She is extremely creative and uses the fin..."
    Judy Carter
    Planet Earth Remedies Owner & Friend
  • "Always great food, and totally different from what is usually offered. Love the Chicken Pecan Burritos (how original) and the Brownies are to die for."
    Sharon Good
    Arizona Festivals and Events
  • "Although we were married out of state, our reception was held in Arizona. We couldn't have asked for a better one. Not only was everything delicious but it was handled as smoot..."
    Martin & Jenny
    Wedding Reception